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While many repair shops say they have experience with Porsche vehicles, the team at BTM Motorsports takes it a step further. Our love for Porsche vehicles extends beyond just working on them for our customers. Our master technicians are full-on Porsche enthusiasts who own, drive, and race their Porsches. This gives us an extra level of expertise other mechanics don’t have. We’ve worked with virtually all makes and models of Porsche vehicles, providing experienced Porsche services and repairs to Morgan Hill, CA, and the surrounding areas. You can trust our team to handle standard maintenance as well as in-depth repairs and upgrades. Contact us today to learn more or schedule service.

We Have An Experienced Team to Provide Service


At BTM Motorsports, we have an experienced team with a reputation for providing expert, professional service for your Porsche vehicle. When you bring your Porsche to us for service, you can count on the fact that it will be handled with care by our team of technicians who have a love, appreciation, and understanding of German vehicles. We ensure all our technicians stay up to date on the latest advancements in European engineering and vehicle technology to provide the best services possible. Whether you need routine maintenance or want to upgrade your vehicle’s performance, our team can provide the expert service you need.

Why You Should Choose Us to Service Your Porsche

We understand there are many auto shops to choose from when looking for a place to service your vehicle. However, we believe our team is the best one to choose to perform Porsche upgrades, repairs, and service. You can count on us to service your vehicle like it’s our own, handling it with care and providing upgrades to your specifications. You’ll quickly see why we’ve built a strong reputation in Morgan Hill, CA as a premier Porsche service provider. Choose to work with our team for the following reasons:

  • Specialized Training: Our team undergoes specialized training to ensure proper handling and care of your Porsche vehicle.
  • ASE-Certified: Our technicians are ASE-certified with many years of experience working on European vehicles, including Porsche, Audi, and BMW.
  • Peak Vehicle Performance: Upgrading vehicles to peak performance is one of our specialties. You can be confident your vehicle will operate at the highest level with upgrades from our team.

Comprehensive Repair & Maintenance Services

BTM Motorsports can provide all the services your vehicle needs. We don’t simply offer maintenance and repair, but also offer so much more, including upgrades and performance enhancements. We are truly your one-stop-shop for all your Porsche needs, offering comprehensive services designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your vehicle. We provide the following Porsche services:

  • Standard maintenance service and factory scheduled services
  • Engine repair and complete rebuilds for both air-cooled and water-cooled engines
  • IMS bearing replacement
  • Oil and fluid changes
  • Engine displacement upgrades
  • Clutch replacements and upgrades
  • Suspension upgrades
  • Systems diagnostics using PIWIS 2
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Performance upgrades
  • Brake service

Popular Porsche Engines & Vehicles We Service

At BTM Motorsports, we provide comprehensive service for all Porsche vehicles, no matter the model. However, some of the most popular models we service include:

  • Porsche Air-Cooled 911: The iconic Porsche 911 air-cooled engine ranges from 2.0L to 3.8L. Our team can repair and upgrade all versions of this engine.
  • Porsche Water-Cooled 911: This water-cooled engine was first released in 1999, allowing for improved thermal cooling and a four-valve head design, which resulted in increased horsepower and decreased emissions. We can service your water-cooled 911.
  • Porsche Boxster: As Porsche’s entry-level sports car, the Boxster arrived in 1998 with a water-cooled M96 engine. Let our team provide service to your Boxster.
  • Porsche Cayman: Based on the Boxster platform, the Cayman arrived in 2005 and is now available with a Turbocharged Flat 4. We can repair and enhance your Cayman.
  • Porsche Panamera: The Panamera is Porsche’s executive luxury sedan with a front 4.8L engine and is available in two-wheel and four-wheel options as well as Hybrid and V6 configurations. The latest 971 model uses twin-turbo technology on V6 and V8 engines. We can repair and upgrade all versions of this vehicle.
  • Porsche Macan: The Macan rolled onto the streets in 2014 and has proved to be a popular model. With a twin-turbo and advanced suspension geometry, the Macan drives like a sports sedan but has room to comfortably seat five people. We can provide service for your Porsche Macan.

Contact Us to Schedule Service

If you need service for your Porsche vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. BTM Motorsports provides all the services you require, from standard factory maintenance to performance enhancement. Whether you want to ensure your car is ready to take on the streets for your daily commute or you want to upgrade your Porsche to a performance racing vehicle, our team has the know-how to get it done. Please reach out to us today by calling us or filling out our contact form.

Porsche Service


The iconic Porsche 911. Air Cooled engine ranging  from 2.0L to 3.8L. 

911 1964 – 1989

964: 1989 – 1994

93: 1995 – 1998

BTM Motorsports can maintain your Air Cooled Porsche from, standard service to complete restorations and builds. 

Porsche Water Cooled


In 1999 Porsche released the 996 which is the first water cooled production 911. Water cooling the Porsche flat 6 engine allowed improved thermal cooling, allowed new 4 valve head design which resulted in increased HP and decreased emissions. Here at BTM Motorsports, we can Service, Diagnose, and maintain your 996, 997, 991. BTM Motorsports was the 2016 USTCC Super Touring Champion racing a Porsche 996 Carrera.


Porsche first released the Boxster 986 in 1998 with a new 2.5L watercooled M96 engine. This was Porsche’s entry level sports car. The Cayman arrived in 2005 based on the Boxster platform. Both wonderfully fun cars to own and drive. They now come with Turbocharged Flat 4. In 2020 Porsche release a 4.0L with 400HP.  Contact BTM Motorsports for service and maintenance and upgrades
Porsche Panamera


The Panamera is Porsche’s executive luxury sedan. Front 4.8L engine, 2 and 4 wheel drive also comes in Hybrid and V6 configurations. The latest 971 Chassis utilized twin turbo technology on there V6 and V8 engines. Here at BTM Motorsports we know these cars as well. Make sure you  have your vehicle serviced here at BTM Motorsports
Porsche Macon Service center


The Porsche Macan hit the streets in 2014 and had been a huge hit. Seats 5, has twin turbo power, advanced suspension geometry. It drive like a sports sedan with room for 5. BTM Motorsports in Morgan Hill can Maintain and upgrade you Macan.
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